Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How do you find the time?

Me trying to get behind the bike short trend? Or didn't have time to change after a workout? #illnevertell xoxo ~
People always ask me: How do you find the time?
At 24 years old with four kids under the age of five. I worked full time at a job that required a lot of after school and weekend hours. I was either training for something or had some project going on. And people would ask How do you do it all? Now I have three kids in high school one in junior high and at three different schools. I'm a flight attendant. And people ask, How?
And while I do believe you make time for the things important to you... In my case it's also, you do what you have to do.
I had three kids in diapers for a short period of time and my motto was change one diaper, might as well change them all. Now it's not that easy! Haha But here are the things I do, to help me get things done.
1.Write it down
I write everything down. My grocery lists, my training schedule, days I need off from work, appts, etc. I find that it's easier for me to remember something after I have physically written it down, so I'm talking pen to paper. Plus there's something about crossing something off my list, to be able to look back on the day and see all that I did, motivates me more.
2. Prioritize the day. 
Once I've written down everything I need to do. I prioritize it. Believe it or not on my daily to-do list I write down "drop kids off." And that is always my first priority. They dress and feed themselves these days so it's not like they need me but I like to be available just in case. Nothing else needs to get done before then. Once I drop the last babe off. I'm going to do the hardest thing first and just get it out of the way.
3.Space it out
I never make myself feel like I have to do everything on the list in one day. As a flight attendant,  I don't come home after work, I can't just drop off my dry cleaning or go to the store. But I learned that if I try to do everything as soon as I get home, I get overwhelmed. So my dry cleaning might not get taken in before I have to leave on my next trip and that's okay. If it was important I would have prioritized it better on my list.
4.Take time
My days at home are from 8:30 (my last drop off) to 1:30 (my first pickup) I could run around doing all the things but that doesn't leave anytime in the day for me. Just like going to the grocery store is important so we have food to eat, so is going to yoga, going to the farmers market with a friend or going to Starbucks to write cuz that is food for my soul.
5.Ask for help. 
And yes I'm saying ask your spouse your family members get a housekeeper if you can afford it (I like to treat myself to one every quarter). But more importantly I'm saying, ask your children for help. I don't know why it took me so long to realize there are four of them and one of me but we all live in the same home and we need to work together to keep it clean. It's not just the mom or dad's job, it's the families job.My kids have one designated chore they to do every day, on top of that, they have to give me thirty minutes. Pick up their room, start a load of laundry, wipe down the countertops from breakfast, take their bathroom trash out, etc. I wish I would have done this when they were little because it has made such a difference. And in all honesty, if they would just do the damn thing it would probably only take them like ten minutes. But ya know between Tic Tocs and face-timing friends it takes longer.  
6.Let it all go
At the end of the day let go of your expectations. Sometimes things won't go how you planned. Something comes up; like a kid gets sick and you have to pick them up from school and nothing gets done. And sometimes you just wanna sit and eat hot Cheetos while watching Netflix. That's ok. You can do the things tomorrow, I promise they'll still be there. 
7.Be present
Being present when the kids get home is my ultimate goal. And probably the hardest thing to do. It also looks different every day.  Sometimes it means we put our phones in the middle of the dinner table while we eat and have conversations about conspiracy theories. While other times it means I sit in the living room watching tv with one of the kids while one is at soccer and the other two are doing homework at the dining room table. Being present, for me, is about being seen and  available for them. 
And lastly, along with my daily to do list, I also have my timeline to do lists, goals etc. Once you figure out what's important to you and what you want to achieve the rest is easy. How do you manage your time and get it all done? I'd love to hear your tips!


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