Monday, July 2, 2018

The Tired Life of a Fabulous Flight Attendant Mom

From dining in tree-houses and finding sake speakeasies to going to baseball games, if you follow me on Instagram you would think that work trips are fun-filled weekends away from my kids. And you would probably find it hard to believe that more often then not I'm what crews call a "slam clicker"
Meaning once I get to my room I close the door, lock it and you'll be lucky to see me at breakfast. Why you ask? Because this Mama of four is tired and I value my alone time, even if it means I have to schlep trash and deal with cranky travelers from time to time to get it!!!
So in this weeks blog post and first "Room Service" post. I wanted to share a day in the "no gram" life of a flight attendant mom. (I think I just made that up, "no gram" do you get it? Like, not Instagram worthy... Okay moving on!)

Thanks for the ride to work SWA!

Day one
I woke up at 2:30 am and was out the door by 3:30 to catch a 5:15 flight from my home airport to my base. Normally I can catch a direct flight to San Francisco but because of the flight schedule and when I started work, I flew to Oakland then took Bart to SF. Talk about a commute hu?!
I arrived in SFO around 8 am. I grabbed a much needed cold foam sf vanilla iced cappuccino from  Starbucks which they got wrong by the way and went inside the terminal to wait for my plane. I'm not going to lie, I was a little upset it wasn't what I asked for. But, more importantly, that I had just paid $5 for that drink. But that's beside the point.
We worked three flights that day until we finished at 9 pm in Salt Lake City, Utah. The hotel shuttle was running late, and we ended up waiting almost 30 minutes. I had to use the ladies room pretty bad and to say I was exhausted is an understatement!  When I finally got to my room, I unpacked my toiletries, hung up my uniform and did 100 squats. I just started a 30 day 100 daily squat challenge and will keep you posted on my results. It literally didn't take me very long and it made me feel good about myself.
I washed my face, brushed my teeth and set my alarm. I talked to my girls on the phone over a makeup crisis they were having at Dads and slid into bed.

Day 2
8:30 am Hotel shuttle to the airport
Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk with three more flights for the day and done in Omaha, Nebraska at 5:30 pm. I actually had dinner plans with a friend who lives there, that turned into a late night speakeasy find (see Instagram) So I forgot to do my squats but it was totally worth it!
Sake Cocktails from Kaitei

Day 3
7:30 am Hotel shuttle
Day three and a little too much Sake made for a very exhausting three flights but since we started in central time we were done by 2 pm back in Salt Lake City. I did my squats, thought about doing a 30 min body-weight workout but ended up watching the latest episode of A Handmaids Tale. In retrospect, I should have watched it while I did the workout but instead I took a nap. Well, it was more like I accidentally fell asleep while watching the show, whoops! I woke up, heated some brussel sprouts, brown rice, and chicken I brought from home and ended my night with a nice hot bubble bath...

Okay and finally Day 4. Go home day!
7:20 am Hotel shuttle
Just ONE flight to SFO before catching a flight home!

Maybe that doesn't seem so bad to you, but try to remember..I don't get to sleep or watch movies on these flights, I hardly even get to sit down!

 The hardest part about this job isn't my aching feet at the end of the day though, it's that there is no such thing as routine. There is no such thing as a schedule. And half of the time if you do plan something there will most likely be a delay or a cancellation that ends up ruining said plans.
The second hardest thing is FOOD!
If you're trying to maintain some sort of healthy lifestyle this lifestyle makes it challenging! But it can be done.
What I've found that works for me is intermittent fasting. It's easier because I don't have to pack as much food since I'm basically eating two big meals and a couple of snacks during my eating window.  But it can also be hard when you wake up on the East Coast so it's 2:30 am Pacific time and you're hungry by 9, but you're going to Chicago and can't eat until 2 pm because you usually break your fast at 12. Still with me? Ha
I try my hardest to stick with it. I drink lots of water to help me get through those days where the pretzels and cookies are begging me to eat them. But I also listen to my body and let my self enjoy the places and food from around the country because...YOLO! My kids are going to make fun of me for saying that but, whateves! Lol
The third hardest thing is keeping up with a beauty routine. Because nobody wants to travel with all of this nonsense...

I used to just use coconut oil for everything on the road. To take off my make up &wash my face, to moisturize even to shave my legs. But as I started to notice a few more wrinkles and age spots I wanted to use products specifically for that. I tried Dermologica's anti-aging travel size kit and absolutely loved it. It's convenient and already fun sized but its also quite pricey for how often I was buying it. (I was also using it at home) So I switched over to DermaE. I cleanse with Derma E's rose oil cleanser which works great to take off my eye make up and use the vitamin c moisturizer for both morning and night. At home, I add the night cream and microderm scrub that you only use twice a week anyway. I love how my face feels, I love how it smells  I love that it's vegan and cruelty-free. And I love that the ounces are already within travel guidelines.
I also use a rose water toner/spray, on the plane to keep my face hydrated! It's called "So Fresh" from Free Bird Remedies. I buy it at my local farmers market but she ships ladies!!!

There it is a day in the four-day life.
I think my best advice after 7 years of flying is this:  Keep it simple! Drink lots of water and always try to get a good nights rest. Whether you need 6-8 hours, I feel like quality over quantity is best, and when traveling everyone needs a little help getting that! Some flight attendants use Zzzquil others Melatonin or Yogi Bedtime tea. I take a night time probiotic from Ideal Fit that works wonders!
Go check it out and use my code
ADRIANA-RL for 10% off. You can thank me later!

So yes, sometimes work trips are fun-filled weekends away from my kids and other times they're not. At the end of the day, there is always some work involved. If it was always fun it wouldn't be called work, right?

Next up on "Room Service" A quick bodyweight workout you can do anywhere and what I pack in my Six Pack Fitness bag for a four-day trip!

I feel like I should sign off with something cheesy like Have a good day, hope to see you on my next flight. Love, That flight attendant mom.... but I think that might embarrass my kids too!

Here's the link for Ideal Fit (Try their protein, it's amazing too!)

Here's the link for the beauty organizer I have at home:

I buy Dermalogica at Ulta

You can also buy Derma E from Ulta,  Amazon, and Walgreens who is having a buy 2 get one free sale as you read this!

And here is the link for the "So Fresh" Facial Toner

Update: Check out my Amazon store for products I"m currently using.


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