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I never considered my self a writer but when the kids were little I would jot things down that would inspire me throughout the day in a notebook and when they would go to bed I'd go to my computer and just start typing. I've written five children's books.

My littles when they were little!

One time when Christian was about five we were weeding in the backyard and these root looking things kept coming up as we hula hoed. When he asked me what they were, I made up this whole story about aliens and beetle bugs and weeding! Later that night I wrote, "Justin Tyme's Risky Business," a young reader.
Christian Tyler Five years old

Another summer while I was watching my girls play in the living room and listened to what they were saying, I had an idea to capture their different personalities. I started writing a story about three sisters, but to my own surprise, the sisters were already in high school. It turned into a young adult novel. I mainly wrote for myself. With the thought that maybe one day I'd give the stories to the kids.

Alina (2) Micaela (3) Rylee (9 mos)

My first year as a flight attendant I remember standing in the back of the galley with so many flight attendants just chatting and gossiping. I'd listen as they told me all their stories or rumors they had heard about flight crews. I never encountered any of it myself, to be honest, but it intrigued me. So, on the back of an airplane with a notebook and pen, I started to write the novel, Flight Tales! And this year I finally finished part two! Again, It was just a story I wanted to tell myself, with characters I fell in love with, a story I wanted to know the ending to.
Flight Attendant Graduation Day

I never had any intention of publishing it, because I never wanted anyone to tell me it sucked, for one. But, two, I was also afraid no one would read it. After a few people did read it and said how much they liked it, I decided to try and publish it. I started researching my options and began to write query letters to agents and publishers.
One day, I was working on the Embraer 120 one of our smaller Aircraft (a 30 seater) from LAX to SBA.  The pilots had asked me to sit early due to some turbulence. The jump seat on this particular plane was right in front of row one and I could hear the conversation between 1C and 1D.  And from what I gathered 1D was "somebody" They were talking about books and screenplays and 1C was really excited to be sitting next to him.
I have always felt that you're put in different places, situations and people for a reason and that you should never pass up on something that could be an opportunity, so I decided to chime in. I told them about my book and how I was in the process of querying etc. And this is what 1D said, "There are so many avenues for you to get your work out there if I were you I'd start looking into them, with so many resources on the internet, self-publishing is a great option. Because unless you're someone famous or you've already published a book, big house publishing companies aren't going to publish you. And nowadays you really don't need one too anyway. If I had tried to publish today what I did 20 years ago, he laughed, it would have never seen the light of day and that's the truth. "
We talked a little longer until finally, I asked him what it was he had written.
He said, "Oh, it's just a little screenplay, maybe you've heard of it, its called Rain Man," it was Barry Morrow!
The very next day I looked into self-publishing, I hired a graphic designer and did my own editing.
Flight Tales: First Class, Sex and Lies

That was 3 years ago. This time around I hired an actual editor and will be re-releasing Flight Tales Part One with new edits as well as Part Two. I may not be a well-known author (yet) or a famous play write but I am a writer. And I'm proud of myself for not letting other peoples opinions of me and my work stop me from writing. Now I think, whether anyone ever reads my books or not, doesn't matter. I want to be an example to my kids to believe in yourself, and to shoot for the stars because It doesn't hurt to try!

Be on the lookout for Flight Tales: First Class, Sex and Lies AND  Secrets and Scandals. Out this fall!! I should advise you that these books do have adult content.
On a scale of Rylee to Christian. None of the kids have read it.

One day it's my dream that you will be able to purchase my children's books:
Tyler's Treasures
Autumn's Pink Pajama's
Isabelle's Grand Adventure
Chanel and the Ava Bird
Grandma Sana's Handkerchief

My Young Reader:
Justin Tyme's Risky Business

& My Young Adult Novel:
Growing Up Fiore

Until then you can head over to Amazon THIS FRIDAY and buy my short story trilogy! Here's the synopsis:

When Francie and Bird met on the plane all those years ago they believed it was love at first sight but when Bird realizes who Francie really is, he'll have to go against everyone he knows to protect her.

Discover the truth in this Rashomon style short story trilogy
by: AJ Marc

On a scale from Rylee to Christian, these are suited for all ages.

Buy Bird, French & Montana on Amazon this Friday!!!! Leave me a review & tell me what you think! And if you would like and share this post too, I'd appreciate it very much!
Thank you
~That Flight Attendant Mom


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