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Airport Codes:BNA

For those of you who don't know, airports have IATA (International Air Transport Association) codes, also known as IATA location identifiers. Hu?! Simply put it's a 3 letter code designating airports all around the world (Thanks Google)  
For myself and a lot of other crew members, it's just part of our lingo. Ever heard two crew member's having a conversation? It would probably sound something like this:
"Where are you tonight?"
"CDT in MSY. What about you?"
"We were supposed to have a 19-hour RON in MSP but we had to divert so we are on min rest in ORD ?'

Say what?!

Airline lingo is like a different language, we abbreviate words then spell them out with the phonetic alphabet and I'll be the first to admit, I hate having to explain it to my "regular friends" (#sorrynotsorry)

The point is "Airport codes" is going to be a flight attendants guide to (insert city code here).
What I mean by that is it probably took me 4 maybe 5 layovers to go see all these sites and check out all these places (which will explain my pictures). 
See, when we go to different cities, we are there anywhere from 10 to 36 hours so I can't always do everything in one visit. Don't worry though non-crew members you can easily get to all of this in a weekend. 
So here it is, a flight attendant's guide to BNA

Nashville, Tennessee

Day 1
The Gulch and Broadway 
Fairly close to each other, like across the train tracks close. Can easily be done in an evening. This is probably what you think of when you think of Nashville, so just go do it and get it out of your system. Be a tourist!
Start at the Gulch it's between downtown and music row. There are shopping, restaurants, and bars galore. I suggest going to UP a Rooftop lounge, It's inside the Fairfield hotel (I know.) but trust me, it has great views. 
Ever heard or seen the "What lifts you" wings by Kelsey Montague? Google her, she's amazing and then go take your picture with her mural. It's right next to Taziki's. Now you're ready to go to Broadway. There are so many spots to pick from, choose one or two that you just HAVE to go to, after that just see where your boots take you. (Tootsies is one of my favs!) 

The Gulch
"What lifts you"

Up a Rooftop Lounge (Picture Fail)

Day 2
12 South and Edgehill Village
12 south is a cute neighborhood with fun shops, street art and the best Bloody Mary you've ever had. Start out at the Flipside get the Big Fix and their tater tot nachos. You can thank me later!
 After that you really don't need me, just go explore all the shops! Reese Witherspoon has a store there called Draper James. It's not really my style but the sweet tea hits the spot on a hot day. And the fun blue and white wall next to the "Believe in Nashville" Mural are right around the corner. They make for some more insta worthy pics. 
(Check out 12 South Taproom and/or The Frothy Monkey depending on what kind of beverage you're craving)

Tonight you're going to the Edgehill Village for two reasons: More nachos and Drinks!
First, stop Bastian, it's a no-nonsense bar. Really nothing too special about this place in my opinion except that everyone raves about there nachos. Sadly they stopped serving food at 11 pm so I actually haven't tried them but I have confidence in all of the passengers who have recommended them. So if you happen to get there before me, could you take a pic and tell me what you thought?!  
The Flips Side

Side note: The bartenders are fun there. Don't let them distract you. As much as you are going to want to hang out at Bastian, get yourself an Uber and go over to Old Glory. It's a bar in an old 1920's boiler room. If the ambiance isn't inviting enough the drinks are sure to make your stay. Did I mention the bar is owned by two young badass sisters? That made it so much cooler right?!
Old Glory

Day 3
Either or Morning and East Nashville
For your "either or morning" you have a few options. 
You can:
a) Hang out poolside 
b) Take a 2 hour BYOB cruise on the Cumberland River
c) Go to Le Sel for Brunch

But your afternoon belongs to East Nashville. 
East Nashville is eclectic and laid back and I've heard it described as "The Brooklyn of Tennessee" 
Here are my favorites. Good luck choosing!!!

Pepperfire Hot Chicken; WAY better than Hattie B's for hot chicken and trust you want to eat hot chicken while you're in Nash. 
Mas Tacos Porfavor  Tacos; Grilled Corn on the cob and horchata cold brew?! Oh, my!
The Treehouse;  It's a tree house?! You can't go wrong with any of their late night eats and house cocktails, but I bet I had you at tree house... amiright?
Live Music at the Basement (there are two locations. See who's playing where and take your pick)
Mas Tacos Porfavor
And last but not least, Attaboys for craft cocktails.  It's small, there is no sign and you have to knock to get in. This is a "the bartenders are the owners are the waiters who know your name kind of place"  Don't pass it up! 
The Tree House

Rose and Souffle
(at the Treehouse) 

The next two are worth mentioning and going to if you have another day.
Biscuit Love for breakfast but mainly for the photo op. In my opinion, the food was just okay. 
Get there early or plan on waiting in line for at least an hour. (that was on a weekday)

& Belle Meade plantation for a tour and wine tasting.

If you found this helpful please let me know! I want to see your pics and hear what you thought!
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Biscuit Love (in the Gulch)


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