Friday, May 18, 2018

Welcome Aboard

Hi! I'm Adriana... a 35 year old Mom of four and Flight Attendant. I may not always know what day it is, and sometimes my kids have to text me to remind me that it's an "early release day." Every once in awhile I miss a soccer game or an assembly. We drink waaaay too much Starbucks (yes, I let my kids drink Starbucks) and when I'm at work I am gone for 3-4 days at a time. But it's not like I'm on Mars and they can't contact me. It's not like as soon as I get on the airplane I forget I have four children at home.When I started writing this, I decided to ask them what they thought was different about having a mom who was a Flight Attendant.

My oldest daughter Micaela,14, said "I don't really think there is a difference, because it's all I know." She was 6 when I started working for the airline.

Alina,12, said  "Sometimes you just want to talk to your mom about stuff and if you're flying, I have to wait."

"We get to travel more than a lot of the kids I know." Christian,15.

"We don't see you every day but when you're home you're really available." Rylee, 11.

Now I could sit here and try and defend my career choice, show you my work schedule, share with you how I only work 12-15 days a month and tell you how I'm more present now than when I had a full time job, but I won't. Because I've tried and I've heard it all.

Things like: "I could never leave my kids the way you do" to "You're so lucky you get a break from your kids every week!"

I can assure you it's not always a "Get-Away", although sometimes it can be. And it's definitely not easy being hundreds of miles away when they need me. But you know what? I am lucky. I'm lucky to have a job that I love, a house I call home and great kids that fill my life with joy and laughter.
So sometimes you won't see me in the drop off line at school because I'm having brunch with my crew, but the days you do see me, you better believe I have a Starbucks in hand!
Welcome to That Flight Attendant Mom Blog!